Financial Questions and Answers

Below are a series of questions and answers about financial matters. If you have other financial questions, please call Fr. Lewis Hejna, Pastor, or Judy Rippee, Finance Manager, at the St. Agnes Parish Offices, (417) 831-3565; or Mike Finch, Finance Council Chair, or any member of the Finance Committee. We are here to serve everyone in the parish and will be happy to help.

How do I leave a bequest to St. Agnes Cathedral in my will?

Our legal title is “The Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, a Missouri Not-for-Profit Corporation, for the exclusive use and benefit of St. Agnes Cathedral Parish.”

Is it possible to contribute to St. Agnes Cathedral with an automatic withdrawal?

Yes. Call Connie McNabb, 417-831-3565, ext. 110, or e-mail her at

I pay my tithe to the Church at the beginning of each month with my bills. Do you need for me to write a check for each envelope?

No, use one or several envelopes per month. However, the easiest way is to setup an automatic withdrawal with the various amounts to each envelope specified for the year.  Email for a copy, fill it out and mail it to St. Agnes or put it in the collection basket+.

How do the contribution envelopes work?

St. Agnes Cathedral has a balanced giving program whereby we contribute to all the works of the Church. We ask that you prayerfully consider what is important to you, then choose the envelopes which reflect your priorities. Each contribution envelope is a sacred trust. We use that money only as designated.

You can also see the Frequently Asked Questions about Contribution Envelopes.

Weekly White Envelopes

  • Springfield Catholic Schools receives 53% for salaries and school programs for the entire Springfield Catholic Schools system.

  • St. Agnes Cathedral keeps 43.5% to pay toward salaries, rectory expenses, medical benefits for priests and full time staff, Religious Education of all Catholic children and adults in the parish and those who would like to become Catholic; for the poor; for altar and sanctuary expenses such as songbooks, hosts and wine; for social activities, for youth programs, and for programs for our senior members.

  • Priests’ Mutual Benefit Society, the Catholic Center and Bishop Rice receive the remaining 3.5%.

Example: If you place $50 in the weekly white envelopes, $26.50 will be sent to Springfield Catholic Schools, $21.75 remains in the parish, and $1.75 is sent to the diocese.

Improvement and Maintenance

100% of this remains in the Parish. It’s a priority of our parish that the structure and beauty of the Cathedral, school , rectory and other buildings are kept clean, sound and maintained. This is the first use of any money in these envelopes.

If you put $50 in the monthly gold envelope and circle Improvement, $50 will be used for the current improvement priority.  At this time there are two improvements:  a handicapped accessible ramp and new safer steps for the front of the Cathedral. Work will begin on these soon.

If you put $50 in this envelope and circle Maintenance, $50 will be used for repairs, insurance, utilities, custodial salaries, etc., for our five buildings. Although this seldom covers all maintenance, it is a great help.

Other Envelopes

If you put $50 in a special envelope such as St. Vincent de Paul/Well of Life or one of the annual collections, $50 will be given to that organization.  No administrative costs are retained by the parish.  These envelopes are included to help us give to the work of the Catholic Church worldwide through organizations noted for effectiveness and low administrative costs.

Special Needs

In addition to all the possibilities offered, you may see a need that is not covered. We receive many special donations during the year, and 100% of these donations goes to the purpose agreed upon by the donor after consultation. Please call Fr. Lewis Hejna or Judy Rippee, or speak to the staff member who directs the area in which you would like to help if you have a special concern.

If you wish to help in a foreign country or disaster area, we will also be happy to assist you in that effort. The Catholic Church is represented throughout the world.

Only you can decide where your tithe should go. Please use your envelopes or mark your gifts so that we know where to apply them.

Special Collections

Tuition Assistance collections are paid to the schools for parishioners who cannot afford tuition.  This is in addition to the 53%  paid from white contribution envelopes. to help deserving students attend Catholic School.

Peter’s Pence Collection 100% of the money in this envelope or goes to the Holy Father. Envelopes marked for other special collections will be used for the marked purpose or according to the notations from the donor.

St. Vincent de Paul/Well of Life collections go 100% toward helping the poor in our parish and city.

Diocesan Development Fund (DDF) goes 100% toward Bishop Rice’s work in southern Missouri. Each year in May you are asked to fill out a pledge card and this is sent to the diocesan offices.  They bill you directly.