St. Agnes PCCW will be sponsoring a Christmas cookie extravaganza!  This evening of fun will be Wednesday, December 5th at 6:30pm in the St. Agnes dining room. All ladies of the parish are invited! A cookie decorating expert will be there to share tips and secrets. St. Agnes will furnish all supplies for the evening.  The evening will also consist of a "Most Original Christmas Sweater contest!" Wear yours! Of course there will be prizes for cookie decorating and Christmas sweatering!  We do ask that, if possible, you bring a dozen of your favorite cookies for Sister Elizabeth Ann to fill Christmas tins to distribute to our shut ins of the parish.  Food and beverages will be provided.  There is  no cost except to have fun and share a good time with fellow parishioners.  Please invite a friend especially if they are new to the parish.  We do ask that you sign up by calling the parish office at 831-3565!