St. Martha’s PCCW group is again sponsoring a Lenten week-end retreat - an opportunity to relax, spend time in quiet prayer, hear inspirational talks, and reflect on your relationship with God. The retreat is at King’s House in Belleville, Il, March 22-24. We will carpool, leaving from St. Agnes at noon on Friday. The retreat ends on Sunday following 11:00 Mass and lunch at noon. The theme is “Christ Be Our Light: Out of Darkness into God’s Marvelous Light”. Suggested cost is $175, their actual cost to provide the retreat. It is given as a freewill, anonymous offering by envelope at Mass. If you’re able to give more, they appreciate it, but they accept any offering you are able to give. Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis. If interested in attending, or for more information, call Mary Seibert at 865-5732.