We finally had a meeting and it was great to be together again. We have new events on our calendar, so buckle up and hold on tight because we’re raring to go. But first things first. Thank you, wonderful people of God, for your prayers and kind thoughts. They are working and I am most grateful to all of you.

Sunday, June 23, after the 8:30 Mass we will have coffee and donuts for new parishioners. We want to meet you. If by chance our phone calls miss you, please call the office, 831-3565, and tell them you want to come. Your children are welcome also; we just need to know how many donuts to purchase.

On Monday, July 1, at 6:15pm in the Upper Room, we’ll present Bishop Barron’s CD featuring Michelangelo. Think Sistine Chapel, the David, The Pieta, and other unbelievably beautiful works of art. He’s one of the individuals that Bishop Barron chose in his Pivotal Players series. He’s not a saint (hmm) but I’ll bet that God has a special title for him. By the way, movies are better with popcorn and we’ll have some waiting for you.