We Are Called

We’re not done yet! Bishop Barron originally included six individuals for his program “Pivotal Players”. We’ve presented all of them except for G. K. Chesterton who is waiting in the wings. I have to admit that I was not very familiar with his writings. I guess I was too busy reading anatomy, physiology and nursy stuff while the rest of the world was enjoying the classics. I have watched the DVD recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think you might also. We will be offering it in August, and will begin advertising as soon as we set the date. However, if you want more about the saints, Dynamic Catholic has sent a great little book to me written by Mathew Kelly entitled Rediscover the Saints. I can’t put it down. If Father Lewis agrees, we will distribute these books at the Christmas Masses, as suggested by Mathew Kelly. We want to congratulate Gary Herman and his Stewardship Committee. We will pray for your success and look forward to working with you. Ginny Smithberg